Overlap® Breathable Wader
with Quilted lining No. K105095


  • 3L Taiwanese Breathable Fabric
  • 3.5mm CS Neoprene booties laminated with polyester fabric


  • Overlap® technology -Patented
  • Quilt Attachment ® technology -Patented
  • H-shaped webbing suspender
  • External pocket with YKK® Aquaguard zipper
  • Warm fleece lined chest pocket
  • Adjustable wading belt


  • Overlap

    Instead traditional stitching , Overlap Adhesive builds the wader without thread route and needle hole which enhance the strength of fabric combination and significantly decrease the possibility of leakage.

  • Quilt Attachment

    Authorized technology to attach the quilt onto breathable wader.
    Different with traditional neoprene wader, Quilt Attachment comes with lightweighten design but still keeps the features of warmth retaining. Meanwhile, it holds up the excellent waterproof by exclusive attachment.
    No worry to be frozen but remains high activity in winter river, Quilt Attachment wader will be best choice to fish in winter season.